Communication Traps (Good and Bad)

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Comm Toolkit_Comm Traps (1).jpg

Communication Traps (Good and Bad)


Communicating with your kids is important, you all know that, but it becomes considerably more important after a divorce. Many parents fall into communication traps with their kids and that can stop your kids from opening up to you. See what communication traps to fall into and which to avoid in this video.

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Communication Traps

Does this sound familiar?

“Mom/Dad you always say that!” or “I didn’t tell you because I knew what you would say.” Now that you’re divorced, you have a whole new set of worries: are your kids happy, are they handling the divorce well, would they tell you if they weren’t?

What if you knew the traps many parents fall into that prevents communication from happening with their kids?

  • In this video and worksheet, I’ll show you:
  • Communication traps to avoid
  • Communication traps to create and fall into


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I'm Karen Becker, Family Coach, Divorced Family Coordinator. I help you gain emotional freedom so you can successfully manage your family, move on from your divorce, and co-parent (even with someone who is refusing).

These courses are dedicated to helping you communicate effectively with your children about divorce related issues. If you’ve ever had a question about how to answer your kids or what to do, there is a video here for you. Not seeing one you want to see? I love feedback! Click on the Contact Me link and let me know!

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