Years ago, when I started the divorce process, I felt alone. Divorce loneliness is different than any other type. I remember being scared of how this will affect the kids. I wondered if the divorce was all because of me or if it was just part of life for some people. I remember having so many questions about Court, learning the hard way, and feeling like life through the divorce process was like living in quicksand. I was equal parts scared to move and strong enough to fight for what I believed was right. 

Have you felt any of that? 

About 2 years after my divorce, after walking through the process myself and watching several others go through it, I decided to do something about it. I swore I would help others going through the divorce, but wouldn't charge them their life savings to do it (divorce is costly enough!). 

I've been here providing content for a couple of years, but after talking to a lot of you, you're interested, but just can't afford the cost of a session or course. You don't have time to read and, even if you did, you still have questions. 

It's time for a change and a chance for you to get the support you've wanted.

Starting now, you can join the Parenting After Divorce Community for $10/month! What do you get for your $.33/day?

  1. You have access to all the videos and worksheets from the Communication Toolkit. You can look at them any time you'd like, as many times as you'd like.
  2. You can ask any question in the private Facebook group and it'll be answered by the group members and myself.
  3. Each month you have the opportunity to win a session with me, for free. 
  4. Experts will be joining our group every month to answer your questions. 

OK, I get it. You're thinking, "Karen, there are TONS of communities out there that don't require payment, why would I pay you when I can go there?" 

Yes, there are! I moderate one of them! The difference between those groups and this one is simple: access to expert advice and resources. 

I'm not telling you to give up those groups at all, in fact, the more community you have, the better. I'm offering you the chance to add to your community in a different way. 

What we are:

  • A group of like-minded co-parents who want to do what's best for our kids, knowing we have no control over our other parent.
  • A supportive community where we're able to offer each other a listening ear, kind-words, and a reminder of why we are doing what we're doing.
  • Willing participants who use what we learn, ask questions, and work to be there for each other. 
  • A group willing to celebrate any win: big, small, or anything in between. 

What we're not:

  • A group of co-parents who are looking for ways to change our ex instead of learning to accept what is and figuring out how to make the best of it. 
  • A community filled with hateful messages, judgments, and constant complaints.
  • Participants who judge rather than ask.
  • Participants who co-parent only when it's convenient.
  • All negative.

I'm a part of a lot of the groups you are, and here's what I've learned: there's a whole lot of judgement without a lot of information, there are many many complaints without a lot of solution, and some of them feel like the participants have created a competition between the parents instead of a partnership. I'll be honest, I've left some of them because of it. 

Attitude changes everything.

That's why now is the time to make this change. This tribe. You guys. You're different. You actually want change and know the only person you're in charge of change in is you! You understand that each family and each situation is different. You know that what works for you may not work for another family. 

You don't have to spend another day wondering whether or not to post in that group for fear of haters. You don't have to search for hours and hours combing article after article trying to find answers to your situation. You can get real-life examples, stories of what's worked and what hasn't, as well as solid advice from experts and other co-parents in your shoes. All for $10/month, 33 cents/day. 

Here's the fine print. This is a recurring $10 charge that will happen every month on the day of the month you join. You can cancel any time, but I can't offer refunds. Once you join, you'll have to ask to join the Facebook group. (Click join and make sure you join with the name you put in the order form or I won't know to accept you. If that's not possible, Contact Me and let me know.) From there, introduce yourself and your situation! This group is different, we're a community, not strangers! 
If you're in the group and someone turns out to be a hater, tag me in the post. I will look into the situation. Everyone will have 2 warnings - none of us are perfect, right? After the 2nd warning, you're out and there will be no refunds. Serious slander, proven use of information against another group member or shared on social media outside of the private, closed group will result in immediate, non-refundable removal from the group. We're not messing around here, people, these are family's lives we're dealing with. Any questions? Contact me.  

Now is your chance. Throw on your comfy clothes, grab your favorite drink, click on the link below and let's build a community of co-parents who are willing to do their part! 

Still on the fence? Maybe you're wondering why you'd pay for something like this. Here's the deal. I've spent the last 5 years of my life successfully facilitating many different groups. Groups where difficult topics are discussed, support is offered, and advice is real and caring. I love what I do, so much so that I made it my career. I want to give you guys all my time and effort, but because I'm a Mom to 3, Stepmom to 1, Dog Mom to 2, and Wife to 1, I'd LOVE to volunteer my time, but I can't do it. Turns out all these people want to eat 3-4 times/day and that food has to come from somewhere....

Listen guys, this group is going to start out small and intimate. That's not a bad thing at all! You get devoted time and energy and those of you that start are our leaders! You'll get to welcome each new member with the same love you'd want to receive and we'll all help each other out. As it gets bigger, and I know it will, we'll work together to make sure it still feels intimate for each and every one of you. 

This is your year. Your year with your tribe. The tribe of men and women who are ready to put aside the hate, focus on the future, and build the best they can with what they have. Join us now.