Co-Parenting Tip

Tip #1

Despite what you may think, it really only takes 1 person to change the face of the Co-Parenting relationship.  Even if your ex is completely against anything you try to do, the relationship can change.  More information is available by watching the YouTube video.

Tip #2

Have you heard of the conflict cycle?  Watch the YouTube video to learn more.  The good news is, it's a ride you can get off of. 

Tip #3

When you're confused about where to go next or unsure about how to handle a situation because emotions are so high, just re-frame the situation.  Learn the one great question to ask by watching the quick YouTube video. 


Tip #4

Why is communication so important?  Some real-life thoughts and scenarios to consider when you and your ex can't communicate.  Go to the YouTube video to find out more. 

Tip #5

What do you need to accept in order to create the cooperative co-parenting relationship you know you should have?  Did you know that if you haven't accepted something in your life or in your relationship with your ex, your mind will fight you on this relationship (as if you were in denial) until you accept it?  Be honest and listen on to the YouTube video to figure that out.

For more tips and worksheets to get you from uncommunicative to working together, the Co-Parenting Course can help you out. Click on the button below to learn more.