Co-Parenting Tips Cont'd

You already know you need to co-parent, but this week's video reminds you about the importance of it as well as just how long you need to co-parent with your ex.  Don't forget you can always ask me questions or get additional help through my book.  

You know you need to communicate, but your ex won't communicate the way you think it works best.  How do you handle that?  Want to know how much is too much?  Talk to your ex about it.  Compromise with them and decide on what is most important.  Here's a bonus tip, as much as you may like to know the play-by-play of what's happening when your child isn't with you, unless there's a safety issue, that's too much communication and does not  promote a positive co-parenting relationship -- which is always our goal.  Generally speaking: medical issues, school information, issues with sleep/behavior/eating and extra-curricular practices, games or recitals are the basics in what to communicate.  Want to learn how to be more on the same page with your ex?  Watch this video on YouTube to hear the tip. 

OK, so you're divorced.  It's not what you planned, but here you are.  Now what??  Now is when you decide to rebuild your life!! Why is it important to do that? Watch this video to hear 3 important reasons why now is the perfect time to rebuild your life and why it not only saves your co-parenting relationship, but may also be a lesson to your children. 

I wish he would change that.  I wish she wasn't like that. 

So many co-parents want to change their ex!  Check out this short YouTube video to hear my thoughts on it.  You may be surprised at my answer as to whether or not your ex can be changed or even whether or not they should be. 

Comment below or in the YouTube video and let me know what your thoughts are. 

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