Feedback from clients...

"Very encouraging and insightful with great advice. Effectively helped me to narrow down all my options, reminding me of steps I should have taken but disregarded. I highly recommend"

"Very helpful information."

"Karen has all the answers.  I wish she could just give them all to me."

"I always leave feeling better than when I started."

"I have been looking for ways to become a better parent, understand my children's needs better, not yell as much, etc. Karen has offered me so many outstanding ways to deal with the outside stresses of the world so I can be a better mom to my children. I really appreciate all she has taught me!"

"I have joined this group for moms with co-parenting or just parenting advice. It has really opened my eyes in finding out how I want to parent. If anyone is interested, please visit Karen's page. I believe in what she is doing, in helping us become better parents!"