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Making Parenting After Divorce Manageable

Education, Support, and Guidance for families of all types


Making Parenting After Divorce Manageable

Education, Support, and Guidance for families of all types

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You know "family" isn't defined as a Mom, a Dad, and 2.3 children. Family is a feeling. Family are people you can count on. Family is who your with, who you love, and who you want to spend time with.

In the space between thinking about divorce, actually divorcing, trying to co-parent, and even blending families; you are redefining family for yourself and your children. Along the way, there can be problems:

  • parents who do not want to be involved
  • parents who are over-involved (i.e. controlling)
  • feelings of loneliness, loss, and insecurity
  • building reasonable boundaries even when others want to cross them
  • an almost constant feeling of frustration as you try to give your kids the best life possible

What's Different

What's Different

It's not in the what it's in the how

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It's easy to find articles and posts on WHAT to do to successfully co-parent, but...

...what sets the programs I've built apart is we tell you HOW to successfully co-parent. We spend time focusing on you, on your feelings, and on your frustrations. Why is this the focus? You cannot change the other person, but you can focus on you and after all you've been through, isn't it time someone focused on you and your kids? 


How we do it


Start Here

Start Here


How can I get you the answers?

All the answers are available to you, I've made them available in a variety of ways. You decide how I can get them to you by choosing below. 


Co-Parenting When Your Ex Won't

This book is just what it says it is - a how-to book. You'll get everything from communication strategies that open up communication instead of shutting it down to a quiz on different difficult personalities so you can put the best tools to use. Complete with examples from real-life co-parents, this book has all the answers you need to go from high conflict to more positive co-parenting. 

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Communication Toolkit

Have you ever wondered how to answer your kids questions about divorce? What about when they see or hear their other parent doing or saying something they shouldn't? You already know that badmouthing the other parent won't help your child, but what do you say? The Communication Toolkit has a video and workbook specific to the questions or issues you come across as a divorced parent, this Toolkit is available to our Parenting After Divorce Tribe.

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Co-Parenting After Divorce

Did you know that the #1 issue that affects your child's ability to positively transition from life with their parents together to life with 2 homes is the relationship between Mom and Dad? Co-Parenting matters. Think you can't do it? This eCourse says otherwise. From the moment you tell your child, through the divorce itself, and co-parenting afterwards - every communication tip, piece of emotional help, and practical knowledge is available here.

Your Guide

Your Guide



I'm Karen Becker, your extremely passionate guide through everything divorce and co-parenting related. You can learn all About Me by clicking on the button below.

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Keep Going

Keep Going

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Every week, myself (or sometimes a guest) will give you insight and answers on a variety of parenting, co-parenting, and individual topics. Below is a snapshot of some of our most popular blogs. Don't forget to stick around and get the blog sent to you every week. 


Co-Parenting Blog

Tips to help you be the best co-parent you can be. You already know you can't change your ex, but you CAN be a positive example of what a good co-parent looks like with tips like these.


Parenting Blog

Find tips to help you run the most efficient, peaceful home possible in this blog. From money-saving to discipline to your house-your rules and how to communicate them, this blog has it all.

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Focus on You Blog

In this blog set, we get honest and real and focus on you, your feelings, and exactly how to manage them. You can't be the amazing parent you are if you don't take time for yourself. 

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