The question isn't how you feel about the situation, the question is what do you think about the situation.  Your mindset is more important than your feelings because your thoughts create your feelings.  

Angry? Change your thoughts. Worried? Change your thoughts. Sad? Change your thoughts.  

Change your thoughts and you change your life.

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When you feel weighed down by your emotions. When you feel like your emotions are pushing you around. When you feel out-of-control and overwhelmed, you need emotional freedom.  

Take the steps to take back control.  No one said it would be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. 

Use the tools to take back control every time emotions start to take control. 

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When loneliness stops by, he likes to stay for awhile.  He likes to seep into the walls and the sheets and weigh you down with thoughts and feelings that depress and sadden you. Loneliness actually hates being alone and wants your company.  

Don't let him take over. Take the next 30 days to focus on you. Enjoy being in a relationship with yourself over the next 30 days and watch how you accept where you are, build your own confidence, and love yourself.

30 days will pass anyway. Will those 30 days pass with loneliness hanging on or with you taking control back?

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You know it's what's best for your kids, but your ex refuses to work with you. You continue to try your best and your ex continues to do the opposite of co-parenting. Don't give up hope, yet, there is a way to change this.

Learn the skills to communicate effectively so you feel heard and get things accomplished for the sake of the kids - that's who co-parenting is for, right?

Figure out which toxic personality your ex is and then learn ways to manage communication with them.  

It only takes 1 to make a change, is that person you? Are you ready to step up and be the positive influence your children need you to be?

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