Daily Affirmations

We've all heard of daily affirmations.  We're supposed to either say these positive quips to ourselves daily or read them daily.  After so many days of doing this, our mindset is supposed to change and we are supposed to believe what these affirmations tell us.  How many times have you heard talk of the affirmations and thought to yourself, "that will never work" or "that's pretty cheesy"?  I'm here today to tell you that they will work.  When you first start saying daily affirmations, it's sort of a fake it 'till you make it mindset for a lot of people.  As you keep going, however, the Law of Attraction takes over and your world begins to change.  My theory is that this change is two-fold.  First, you are asking to be blessed in the ways you're affirming and that opens your heart to accept those blessings.  Second, you're starting to see the ways the you are blessed rather than seeing the ways you're not blessed.  It's a magical thing that can happen.  Today I invite you all to start your daily affirmations and tell me how it's going!  In my Mindset workbook, I talk about building a habit.  So do this with me.  Pick some affirmations below and say them everyday for 21 days.  Let's see how your world changes!

Applying the M.I.N.D.S.E.T. tools to your life can help you change where you are going. You can download the workbook below and apply the tools on your own.