When we're about 16-17 years old, our parents and teachers are asking us to apply to colleges and declare a major of some sort.  'What do you want to do with your life?' is the question we get daily.  We take personality tests, we go to job fairs and college campus tours.  Most of us barely know who we are at this age, let alone what it is we want to do for the rest of our lives!  There are many adults I know that have 5 different answers when you ask them what they'd like to do for the rest of their lives.  When we were 17 years old, how many of us went into a major with the most amount of jobs available, so we could make changes when we figured out just exactly what we wanted to do with our lives?  How many chose a major based on how much money we would make in the career or how much time off the career would offer?  How many of us are working in the career we originally chose and loving it vs. wishing we would have made a different choice?  If this is sound familiar, maybe you've thought about going back to school.  Over half of the US adult population is either starting to or planning to go back to school within the next year.  You're not alone in feeling like you want to make a change.  Maybe you'd like a new career, but have no idea what it is you want to do.  Or you know exactly what you'd love to be doing, but aren't ready to or don't see a way for you to make that leap.  Today I'd like you to really think about the next year in your life.  Another year will go by no matter what, but that year could put you on the path towards the next big change in life.  It's never too late. 

Karen Becker is an author, speaker and personal growth coach.  She has a Master's Degree in Counseling and applies these skills when coaching clients.  She has years of experience coaching clients in all areas of life: parenting, co-parenting after divorce and in personal growth/wellness.  She can be reached at karen_becker@outlook.com.

Kaern Becker, MA Life Coach