Everyone's talking about it.  We're no longer aiming for the perfect body or the perfect size or perfect weight....we are aiming to be well.  This means something different to each person.  Your perfect weight is not my perfect weight and even if they were the same, the weight would look different on both of us.  So what does it mean to be "well"? 

Some would say that wellness means your physical body is in good condition, you're not sick and you're at a healthy weight for your body.  I believe that wellness means your physical self and your mental self are balanced.  I don't know if it's possible for you to remain at a healthy weight if you're mind isn't in a healthy place.  Conversely, I'm not sure it's possible for your mind to remain in a healthy place if you're obsessed with the perfect size or body shape.  Balance is required to be in the most 'well' place we can be. 

How do we achieve this balance?  It starts with destroying the negative thinking that tips the scale one way or another.  Once our minds are set in a healthy place, we can put our healthy minds to work in making sure our bodies remain healthy.  It's not about a diet or any other temporary fix.  It's about making that permanent change to achieve our best versions of us, our most 'well' versions of us.   If you're ready to start this change, contact me and we will get to work.

Karen Becker is an author, speaker and personal growth coach.  She has a Master's Degree in Counseling and applies these skills when coaching clients.  She has years of experience coaching clients in all areas of life: parenting, co-parenting after divorce and in personal growth/wellness.  She can be reached at karen_becker@outlook.com.

Kaern Becker, MA Life Coach