Your Most Powerful Tool Is...

In our Moms Group, we spent the last month talking about goals.  We asked ourselves what success looks like to us.  For some it was less yelling at the kids, for others, it was more activity whereas for others, it was creating a new normal after a significant life change.  It can be fun, and a little scary, to ask yourself the ultimate question -- if you were to wake up tomorrow and had the perfect life, what would it look like?  It's easy to see what would be different.  Would you have a maid?  Would there be a different house?  Maybe a new job or relationship?  What would be the same in your perfect life scenario?  Your children, a partner, perhaps, friends.  Maybe you're already in your dream job or have a hobby you really love. 

Once you have a goal in mind, a goal that keeps what you have and adds to it with what you want, it's up to you to do the work to get there.  As you start working towards it, there's one thing that gets in your way -- your thoughts.  It usually starts with a bad day and spirals from there.  Thoughts like 'I will never get there' or 'This was just too big to go after' start to creep into your brain.  Those thoughts seem to take out the ones that put the dream in there in the first place and before you know it, you've filed that dream of yours away in the "Someday" file. 

That most powerful tool you came here to find happens to be your thoughts.  Yes, right now, those thoughts are negative and overtaking your positive thoughts, but you have the power to change that.  You have the power to look at a bad hour, a bad day or even a bad week and ask yourself, "What do I want to think about this?"  Do you really want to think that you're no good, that you'll never do it or that your dreams are too big?  Or do you want to think that you are more than good enough, that you can do it and that your dreams are exactly the right size for you? 

We all have over 30,000 thoughts every single day.  How many of those thoughts do you remember?  There are things like pick up more milk, sign the report card and take the car in for an oil change, but there are also the thoughts about yourself that get in there.  Are you remembering the good or the bad?  Are you happy with what you remember? 

All of those thoughts we're working on and we would love if you joined us.  It's not too late to get in on the conversation.  Unsure if it's right for you, contact me for a discussion. 

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