When Competition Works

Have you heard the phrase, "Competition makes the world go 'round"?  Personally, I love that phrase.  It's true, isn't it?  From the time you're born until you're in the nursing home, you are in competition with another person.  Think about it.  

When you're a baby and small child, Mom's (and Dad's) talk about whose child is sitting up first, talking first, and walking first.  

When you get to school, grades are such an easy way to see whose child is doing better.  

When you get married, all of your friends were probably talking about whose wedding had the best food, the best dancing, or the best drinks.  

Then you have your own children and the cycle continues.  

Competition is all around us and it's draining, isn't it?  When you're a co-parent, like many of you on here are, it's hard not to wonder if the kids are having a better time at Mom's house or Dad's house.  When you're a parent, you are always wondering why your friend's kids are dressed better or you point out how much better behaved your kids are.  It creates unnecessary drama and heartache, yet we all continue to participate.  Why?  

Here's the thing: we can't stop competition from happening, but we can choose to participate or not.  

Competition itself isn't a bad thing, it's when you stop competing with yourself and start competing only with others that it can become a bad thing.  

Let me say that again.

Competition is good!  It's good to compete with yourself.  It becomes emotionally draining to be only in competition with others.  

For today, my challenge for everyone is to start asking yourself what you can do to better yourself and then start competing with you.  Give competition with your ex, with your friends, with your siblings a break and grow with them instead of faster than them.  

Reply below with ways you can compete with yourself rather than others!

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