About Me

Divorce sucks. 

You feel pushed around, manipulated, and in a constant state of anxiety over what the next argument with your ex will be. You're tired, you're frustrated, and you want to let go of what you can't control. 

You want to finally move on. 

That's where I come in.

Hope is the only emotion stronger than fear, stronger than frustration, it's even stronger than anger. 

I'm Karen Becker, Family Coach, Divorced Family Coordinator. I help you gain emotional freedom so you can successfully manage your family, move on from your divorce, and co-parent (even with someone who is refusing). 

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, I've facilitated countless groups with 100's of people, but more than that - I'm divorced. I've learned the clinical and the "real life" ways. I'm remarried which blended a family and most important, I'm happy. 

I want that happiness for you, too. 

Divorce is a process, not an event. Wherever you are in that process, I've worked to provide a book, a course, or join our tribe to help you move on. I work to give you tools to manage whatever comes your way. 

You're not in this alone. Let's jump in together. It starts with focusing on you.