Divorced or not, you still have to be a parent. Which of these issues apply to you:

  1. My ex has a different parenting style and my kids don't listen to me because of it.
  2. Terrible Two's transitioned to Treacherous Three's which hasn't seemed to end.
  3. The divorce is hard enough for my kids, I want to make sure my parenting doesn't make things any harder.
  4. All of the above.

I get it. There's so much focus on the divorce and not enough on the parenting. This is where I come in.

Your job is to be there for your kids, to show them that this divorce is hard, but you can get through it together. So exactly how do you communicate that to your kids? In the Badges section of this site, you'll find the Communication Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help you with each area of communicating with your kids after divorce. You'll be able to earn your badge as the parent who "Keeps Communication Open" in your home or "Communicates Positively about difficult pick-ups/drop-offs". Can't find what you're looking for? Just click on the Contact Me page and let me know.