School is IN

Many of you know that my husband and I have 4 children.  This means we have children from Kindergarten through High School age.  We have 2 children who are the youngest in their schools and 2 children that are the oldest in their schools (yes, that means each of the 4 children are in 4 different schools).  It also means that there are earlier start times, new bus routes, different teachers and friends and this is all happening while they are also trying to learn.  Our youngest, who is in her first full days of school, is having a difficult time with drop off's.  She loves school, in fact, she excitedly told me that today is Fun Friday (I don't remember a Fun Friday while in school, but I digress).  We know she is enjoying hanging out with her friends at school, too, because her Dad and I hear so many stories about the things they do together.  Her teacher is reporting that she's doing fantastic and her reading and writing is already changing in a positive way.  The only issue she has is that initial getting in the door.

All of our children, at one time or another, have had anxiety about something in their lives.  When our oldest was a toddler, she had a difficult time with going to bed.  Her sister had separation anxiety and attached herself to me most of her toddler years and our two youngest have had difficult times with drop-off's at school.  Despite the differences in anxieties, the same solution worked for everyone: empowerment.  That wasn't the only tool we used, but it was the most effective.  So how did we empower each of them?  We gave them the chance to safely face their fears and praised them every step of the way.  We certainly didn't do this alone and it looked different for each of our children, but it has always worked. 

As the teachers and parents work together to empower our youngest to get through that door the way we all know she can, it makes me think about our own anxieties and the doors we have difficulty getting through.   The parents and teachers know our youngest can walk through that door without the help of another person and just like your friends and family know you have what it takes to face your fears! 

With all that said, how is the school year going so far for your children?  Are they facing any fears or challenges?  Share them in the comments below and tell us how you handle them!


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