Are you helping your kids open up or closing them off?

You already know how important communication is between you and your kids - especially in divorce situations, but what are you doing to ensure there’s open communication between you and your kids?

Everything you do with your kids, can either open communication or close it. In this post, you’ll learn my top tips for ensuring you keep communication open between you and your kids.

f you do nothing else, do this to keep communication open with your kids.

I won’t even beat around the bush - listen to your kids. If you’re a part of my Facebook community, you’ll see that I posted a statistic that says we spend 7 minutes a day talking to our kids and the rest of the time talking at them.

Let that sink in for a moment. How many times a day do you say, “Get your coat”, “Do your homework”, “Where are your shoes?”, etc.? Even when you ask your kids about their day, are you in the middle of making dinner or answering emails that came in while you were picking the kids up?

If you do nothing else, make sure you’re taking the time to really listen to your kids. The rewards you get from doing that are immeasurable and your kids feel like they can tell you anything, because you’ll hear it.

The way you open up to them tells them how open they can be with you.

If you’re expecting your children to tell you about their day, about their other parent’s house, about their homework, and everything else in their world - wouldn’t it make sense that they know a little about your life, too?

Don’t get me wrong. Your children are not your friends, but do your children know what you do on a day-to-day basis at work? Do they have an idea of who your co-workers are? Let’s be honest here, an office is a lot like high school, isn’t it? You have the cliques, you have the drama, and you have the cafeteria (or closest fast food joint that everyone goes to).

Your kids would learn a lot from how you’re handling your life and wouldn’t it be great to let them weigh in on what you’re dealing with?

Imagine the conversations at the dinner table if everyone was opened up, no one had their phones, and you were all making eye contact. Not only would your children feel a part of the family, but you’re ensuring that you’re opening your children up to talk to you about the hard things when you show them that you care.

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