Private Balanced Parenting Live Course

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Private Balanced Parenting Live Course

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There are so many terms used to describe ways you’re “supposed to” parent, aren’t there? Which is right? Which will work for your children?

For years, I’ve researched these different ways to parent. I’ve read the books, the articles, and posts. I’ve also done the research on what’s worked and what hasn’t.

The Balanced Parenting program was built, by hand, by myself with influences from many experts in the field. It wasn’t built solely on experts, though. As I was building this course, I had to look at what worked for me, what didn’t, and why.

This program is split into 4 weeks. Each week leads into another, and as you learn, you’ll see not only what works, but you’ll learn why.

In Week 1 you’ll learn all about love: showing it to your children, why it’s important, and how to continue showing it to them as your parenting grows. You’ll also be talking about your goals for your children. Let me be clear, I can’t tell you exactly how to get all your children into an ivy league school on scholarship (but, if someone knows, please fill me in…), but I can talk to you about what you want for your children when they’re adults and how to help get them there.

In Week 2, you’ll learn all about problem solving. You’ll learn when and how to allow your children the opportunity to solve their own problems - no, they won’t hate you for it - and why it makes you the best parent possible as you create this path for them. You’ll also be learning about behavior: what you see, what you don’t, and what to pay attention to. Does your child use inappropriate language to get your attention? Do they argue every.single.point you try to make? Do they throw things (including tantrums)? This week, you’ll learn all about it.

In Week 3, you be continuing on the path to creating confidence in your children through responsibility. You’ll learn about the myths of doing it all for your children, what research says leads to the happiest and most successful adults, and how you can give the best to your children. You’ll also be learning about the term “consequences” and why they’re not always bad! By the end of this week, you will have forgotten the negative connotations that come with this word and will have a new outlook on it.

In Week 4, we end on the note of communication. In order for any of the weeks to work, you need to have open communication in your home. You’ll learn how to put that into action and keep it moving. You’ll also be putting all of the lessons together into a long-term plan that you can take with you for the rest of your children’s adolescent lives. You’ll leave these lessons feeling confident about your parenting and why this works.

Feeling excited about this? Here’s what you get:

  • Four (4) 1-hour sessions with me (a $320 value)

  • Worksheets and printouts based on our sessions (a $49 value)

  • Email access to me during our 4 weeks together (up to $500 value)

Kaern Becker, MA Life Coach