Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Live Course

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Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Live Course

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When you make the choice to enter into a committed relationship after one didn’t end so well, there are a lot of emotions that come with that choice. Those emotions can play out in your relationship despite your best efforts.

It’s not just emotions that can come up, it’s also your ex or your partner’s ex that continues to play a role in their life.

You know that 2nd marriages have a higher divorce rate than 1st marriages. And it gets worse after that!

Many husbands and wives in 2nd marriages tell me that arguments are all it takes to bring up all the feelings from the past and make them wonder if they made a mistake in getting married again. Is that true for you, too?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

  • What if you could divorce proof this marriage?
  • What if you could take the steps now, with a professional who’s there to help you two make it work, to build a solid foundation for this marriage?

Ready to get started?

Her services and attention to the details of your particular situation are worth double what you will pay!  Highly recommend!!”
“Karen always has great advice!”

I’m Karen Becker and I have worked with hundreds of families to create peace and harmony through co-parenting lessons, relationship guidance, and leading my clients to emotional freedom.

This course is a 5-week course that’s built for blended families who want to show their children and stepchildren what a healthy relationship looks like. This course is created for partners who don’t want to make the same mistakes from their past and who are committed to learning a better way. This course is built for those who are ready to learn and put themselves and their marriage in a healthy, peaceful place.

When you purchase this course, you’ll fill out a form with your name and phone number. I’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to set up our first session and we’ll schedule the rest at that time, too. We’ll meet once/week for 5 weeks (or close to it based on your schedule). You’ll get worksheets and unlimited access to me through email and text message with questions between our sessions. At the end of the 5 weeks, you’ll be presented with a certificate of completion, and a peaceful, lighter view of marriage with your partner!

Get started today!

Kaern Becker, MA Life Coach