Whether you are a step-parent, are in a relationship with a soon to be step-parent, or your ex is inviting a step-parent into the lives of your children, this is the page for you.  

Have you heard of the Stepmom Summit? The Stepmom Summit includes:

  • over 20 hours of video interviews from experts on thriving blended families
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  • tools to help you build a solid marriage and blended family

There's a new step-parent in the picture.  Whether they're yours or your ex's, telling the kids about it is a daunting task.  Obviously no one is replacing Mom or Dad, but what exactly is the role of the step-parent?  How do both Mom and Dad help the children feel excited, safe, and secure as they get to know their new step-parent?  What happens if they're not meshing well?  

Check out this communication toolkit for you to use.  Not only does this have phrases that can be used when introducing your partner into the lives of your kids, but it offers ideas to help ease the transition as everyone creates a new normal with the addition of a step-parent.

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